Part — II

This article is the continuation of the 2-part blog series on ‘How we brought down storage for the Ads platform’. Reference to part 1 can be read here.

In the earlier blog, we explored different solutions we went through to solve the following problem:

our code needs to compare the number of times a user has already seen an ad to the configured frequency in real-time and for that, we need storage of how many times a user has seen an ad. …

At ShareChat, our Ads platform allows advertisers to run all their marketing campaigns on our app and at scale. A common problem that occurs has been around the per-user frequency capping for an ad.

To achieve this, our code needs to do the comparison of the number of times a user has already seen an ad to the configured frequency in real-time and for that, we need storage of how many times a user has seen an ad. …


1. 👫 Left school and started a relationship with my future wife

2. 📚 Left my home and began engineering

I have worked at Wyzebulb for over 3.5 years. I am proud of the team we have built over the years and I genuinely feel that each of us has contributed to Wyzebulb in a positive way. I am also proud of the product we have built over these years. I have enjoyed working here and have seen ups and downs which have given me a plethora of experience, some of which I would like to share.

  1. Always be curious and never stop learning. If your learning stops for an extended period of time, it might be time to bring…

I finished a course recently on NodeJS: Advanced Concepts to improve my understanding of the inner working on NodeJS. This blog is based on this course and other research that I did myself during the course. The blog is created in the form of a conversation between you and me. Please be patient with it and everything will come together in the end, I promise. Let’s dive into it then.

I hear that you are explaining about NodeJS internal working. Can you please start by explaining what NodeJS is?

The official documentation states:

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on…

When you’ve been working on the same OS for close to 3 years, you definitely want things to function and be set up in a certain way. Recently, my 3-year-old laptop suffered the full wrath of the motherboard deity and I had to switch over to a new laptop. This meant that I had to set up my system from scratch and find the same resources again which I went through over the course of 3 years.

This blog is a collation of the resources I went through again to get my coding environment back up. I definitely don’t…

Any web developer who has ever worked on creating APIs for more than a few months would probably have used Postman already — be it to test their API, create API documentation, debug their API, and more.

While downloading Postman from is straightforward, it is the installation which is a hassle if you want to save your time to start it up every time you want to use it.

You get a gzip-compressed tarball(a .tar.gz file) on downloading Postman with a filename like “Postman-linux-x64–6.6.1.tar.gz”.

You can then extract the tarball using tar -xvzf Postman-linux-x64-6.6.1.tar.gz and run Postman by…

Visual Studio Code is my editor of choice and I usually use its Source Control features to create a branch, switch branch, push and pull in git. Hold your horses before cringing about me using GUI instead of the command line.

I don’t usually care whether I’m using command line or GUI to achieve a task — as long as the tool of choice helps me achieve it faster with the least amount of friction. …

During the month of Aug 2018, our costs on AWS were sky-rocketing:

The projected costs were also increasing every day at a rapid pace. We could’ve hit around $4k by the end of the month. Something was going very wrong. When you are startup, time becomes the biggest constraint in situations like these because you don’t have the monetary cushion to fall back upon and debug it at your own pace.

This blog explains how I debugged this in under 2 days. It is meant to be a pointers guide for you and for me in the future, if we…

Disclaimer: This is not a blog. This is a short story about my year at Leado and my learnings from it. As such, it is longer than my previous blogs.

Today marks the day when I joined Leado a year ago. Previous to Leado, I had worked at babajob for nearly 2 years. I joined Leado, not because I was blown away by the idea but mainly because I gelled well with the team. I had worked with most of them previously at babajob and the coordination was good between us. …

Pulkit Chaudhary

Hacking @sharechat | Previously Worked @wyzebulb and @babajob | Developer | Love to ask and answer questions.

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